January 2, 2015


Oh no, I missed the segment of Square Enix's FFXV presentation by Hashimoto Shinji & Wan Hazmer. Fret not, I got you covered.


You might not know who they are but I will tell you so. Hashimoto Shinji is the Executive Producer of FINAL FANTASY XIII and the latest instalment of FINAL FANTASY series. He has been in the game industry for more than 30 years and join Square Co., Ltd. (currently Square Enix Co. Ltd.) in 1995 (I am only 1 years old at the time). His credits goes on with the list that looks like this – Producer of FINAL FANTASY VIII, Producer of FINAL FANTASY IX, Executive Producer of KINGDOM HEARTS series, Co-Producer of FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN, Producer of FRONT MISSION EVOLVED, and Producer of FINAL FANTASY XV.


Meanwhile, Wan Hazmer is the Lead Designer of FINAL FANTASY XV and he's a game developer in Kuala Lumpur before he moved to work with Square Enix Co. Ltd. in 2010. Well, that is our Malaysian pride. Look at that durian, it speaks for itself.


Fantasy Continues

The 25 years adventure of FINAL FANTASY saga was shown in a video presentation. The evolution of FF franchise sure wows the crowd, or at least I am the one that cannot hold my jaw up while viewing it. The timeline of FINAL FANTASY was briefed by Hashimoto himself in speech. From the console we first know to the handheld console, FINAL FANTASY team continues to produce their quality work without losing the roots of it.


The game is no where near complete but a lot of teases are shown to us. FINAL FANTASY XV goes around with 4 characters going on a journey of a road trip-like style. The city that Wan showed us "Lestallum" was inspired by Cuba. He even gave us a first look on THE ART OF LESTALLUM. What else to say, it is incredibly beautiful as we all expected. A video demo of the still developing city of Lestallum even showed to us in a dog's third-person perspective. Lestallum is a fusion of Cuba and the futuristic timeline of FINAL FANTASY to my interpretation with the support of Wan's explanation.

Art of Lestallum
Compilation of the pieces into one for your pleasure

Wan also mentioned he has to input some Malaysian culture to it and voila, we have Teh Tarik in FINAL FANTASY XV. Not only that, satay and roti canai are included. Small thing in the world of FINAL FANTASY VX but those thing takes effort and individuality to produce. These are some of the few Wan could input into a game that is known to every corner of the world. He added these are the only high quality roti canai you can find in a game. I cannot deny that.


I will not get into this too much. The title of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD already suggested that it is a better version of the previous FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0. In case you did not know, TYPE-0 is a new kind of gameplay where it spinoff the original franchise. Also, Wan Hazmer is the game designer of this game title. When I say a better version, I do not mean it is just a better graphic with the help of today's technology but it has a lot of other improvement in gameplay. For example, the camera angle of third-person is improved the way enemies are not blocked with your character. Besides that, the individual abilities of the characters are tuned to a better gameplay experience.

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD will be available on 17th March 2015 while FINAL FANTASY XV is coming soon with not actual date being announced. Although we are no where near the completion of FINAL FANTASY XV, we still can have a trial version when you pre-order FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD. Find more about it on http://finalfantasytype0.com/


As you can see, the "Now in Development" just slaps right in our faces for the anticipation of FINAL FANTASY XV but Wan spread another good news - Square Enix is hiring now! Not one but a lot of position that tied to the development of FINAL FANTASY XV. Some positions do not need experience but some do, most of them only need the qualification of secondary graduate or above. You can see how Square Enix cares for the skills instead of other whatnot.

This wraps up most of the important things you need to know from Square Enix presentation in Comic Fiesta 2014. You can read more about my take on Comic Fiesta 2014 DAY 1 (http://goo.gl/gL76ME) & DAY 2 (to be updated) here.
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December 30, 2014

Comic Fiesta 2014 - Day 1

Aprilfy.com is bringing you another year of Comic Fiesta coverages.


On the fine day of 27th December, I arrived at the venue of Comic Fiesta 2014 at about 11-ish AM and the crowd is spectacular as usual. The queue to enter was better in my opinion. Disclaimer, I did not attend Comic Fiesta 2013 personally while I called out a representative to cover last year. The good side ends after I enter the venue. Hell man, the halls were filled with human. It is literally I am suffering from human tsunami. The number of attendees are ridiculously a lot to a certain condition you cannot move well for several minutes. From what I observed, day 1 has more visitors than cosplayers.


Despite that, I found a number of awesome cosers. This includes how they do their makeup and create their own props. My regards and salute to their efforts. I am picky one, so I do not spray and paint with my DSLR.


League of Queues

You can pretty much spot queues everywhere. From the front hall till the end of it and there are 5 halls in total. Well screw the crowd complain let me get through the other more interesting part. We have League of Legends (LoL), Pokemon Tournament, Street Fighter Tournament, Magic beginner workshop and few guests Comic Fiesta has invite upon. I literally roam too much as a lone ranger around the 5 halls and the ballroom over at the upper floor. Exhausted and I decided to stuck myself around the LoL area and enjoy the game that I pretty much has not much idea about it but I played it few years ago.


Well, I am not going to talk much about LoL as I do not fancy so well but I have a results of the The League Circuit Winter Season winners from Garena's page and they are

Champion: Team TCH
1st runner up: Team IGL
2nd runner up: Team IGC
3rd runner up: Team KLH

Congratulation to the winner and other participating teams.


The Varieties

I am quite happy with the different of cosplays being displayed in CF2014. Unlike 2 years ago, the amount of Hatsune is too damn high. With that being said, words are getting lesser and (not that many) more photos of cosplayers are going to poof up!


One special mention to this cosplayer. From head to toe to props, the details of Monkey King cosplay are so superb and close to fine. This totally brought out the character of it to reality. I wonder how long he took to put this up.


The Misses

As a lone ranger, it is totally impossible to cover all the special events and I totally missed most of it. I missed the opportunity to get close-up of the guest cosplayers like Liui, Mon, Aza and King. That is not all, even I missed our pride of this industry - Danny Choo also. Although I missed him, the booth of him Culture Japan are making big bucks as this is easily the most visited booth on day 1. The queues was crazy, nuff said.

The problem to solve my problem is to invite more to join Team Aprilfy! Well, Comic Fiesta 2015 is a year away but we can do some preparation. I am officially inviting few photographers/videographers to join me in the annual event or any big events. Please contact me through my Facebook/Twitter (find it at the end of this post) or even you may email to 23April1994@gmail.com along with some of your work.

Last but not least...


...say hi to an awesome cosplayer friend, Marcus from Singapore.

Day 2 post will be updated soon! You may find more photos I have taken at CF2014 below.

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December 26, 2014

#CF2014 You ready? You ready?

...still improving on digital draw

This time of the year, it is just us cosers, anime/manga lovers, gamers, otakus and whatnot are waiting for Comic Fiesta. One of the largest ACG event in Malaysia is happening tomorrow, and Aprilfy will not miss it like how we did every year (even though I was absent with another representative last year).

"Hey, why is Migi there?", you may ask. It is because Kiseijuu one of the few top animes in my mind. So that is why I did a not-so-decent sketch of him (it?). If you ever going to cosplay Shinichi (with Migi of course), please come over or I'll hunt you down and "pew pew" you.

A very warm reminder that for those walk-in ticket buyer, they set up ticketing booth right outside the halls. Be early to avoid any disappointment or "human tsunami".

Media tag, check. See you tomorrow!

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