September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Apple iPhone 4 stepped on our very lovely land, Malaysia. As I told on my last post, DiGi brought iPhone 4 to Malaysia and they will be available at 45 outlets nationwide! Hilarious and unexpected at first.

Going back to the time when iPhone 4 was released, they said Malaysia won't be having it (yet) but Hong Kong and even Singapore both countries are going to have it. My mood, was definitely not good at that time. Few months back, there was a news about some of the local telecommunication company will be bringing iPhone 4 here. At first, "Nah, I don't think they will develop the progress so fast". But after Nuffnang had an unusual hint, hope came back.

Today, DiGi presents you iPhone 4 in Malaysia! I'm so desperate for it right now and I just wanna get an Adroid/Smart phone for my outdoor trip. With iPhone 4, I can make uncountable task with it, just like Twitter, Facebook, and whatever you can think of!

As an active Twitterer, it will be uncomfortable without tweeting outdoor. Right now, my current phone doesn't support WiFi, how sad is that. But think about this, iPhone 4, an almost flawless device that you can have in this generation.


Furthermore, I've been an Apple 'admirer'. When the first time I saw iPod Touch, it was so freaking cool to me. Then iMac, oh my god, how can a person live with a big screen as it's so clean and white! But, I never have an Apple product, so I guess iPhone 4 would be great. I'll get it rub on a rough surface everyday. Oh no, why? Because it's glass were so durable that you can break or give it a scratch easily. Scratch!!!!! Of course, I won't really do it but love it more (if I won it).

Really hope that this ONE AND ONLY iPhone 4 with Nuffnang can be my latest device.

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