September 22, 2010

Liar Game

Liar game? We were playing with a lie in some minor gambling game but what if this happen. When you were invited to play this Liar Game and it can cause you in debt for 1 million YENS or more!

The Final Stage poster

Coming back reality, I guess this game doesn't exist but this drama did. Starring by the Death Note girl, Erika Toda as Nao Kanzaki in this. Liar Game has both seasons and also a final movie as ending.

As I've gone through 11 episodes in it's original, first season, season 2 having 9 short episodes and it's final, The Final Stage. This series will keep you mindfuck'd, confused with all kinds of ADVANCED lies. You will never know who's the one deceived others.

Story goes on with this naive girl, Nao Kanzaki living as a pure that kept having lies from people around her. One day, a suitcase delivered in front of her door step and who knows inside had million YENS along with a letter of invitation. With a naive girl, what will she do and what makes this takes up 2 seasons and a movie? Find out yourself.

Personally, I recommend people to watch this for your knowledge of not letting people to deceive you or just DECEIVE them as you can. With the mind of the main actor, named Akiyama in the drama, the character of his was hilarious as he is a swindler with a mastermind that can control almost every obstacles. Learn from him, and you are ready to LIE to anyone around you and get aware, smart with it.

11 + 9 episodes and a 2 hours-long movie will not take you a long time to finish it. Erika Toda's charisma will not let you down so as the storyline.

Why not have a freshing start here, interesting, pumping beats as it's soundtrack.

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