April 25, 2012

Baek Ayeon (백아연)

I bet most of you don't know who is 백아연 Baek Ayeon (or Ah-yeon) but some may know as I've been posting a lot about her on my Facebook page and Twitter. She is/was one of the contestants in SBS KPOP STAR still in an on-going status (currently on TOP 2) and it is broadcasting quite backward a bit on our local operator Astro ONE HD (Malaysia).

Ayeon, she is one of my favorite contestants throughout the competition. When she smiles, that is the time my heart skips a beat or few. I confess to have this attraction to these type of girls. Hah! She strongly caught my attention during her performance of BIGBANG "Haru Haru". She was playing a keyboard and singing out her own note. It was really impressing for a lady to sing up a group song, not to mention 5 male in a group. Recently, she has been eliminated between choice of Lee Hayi. Yes, Hayi and Park Jimin got into TOP 2.

It wasn't a real surprise for me to see her got eliminated after watching the other successors' performances. But it was a regret to see her leaving KPOP STAR. I hope to see her debut as a star or more upcoming news about her soon enough. Let's take a look at her last special stage performances with Taeyeon and Tiffany from Girls' Generation in "Lady Marmalade". Sexy ladies warning!

More performances of her...

Oops, the other older videos had been restricted from my country on Youtube. But you could search out for her with keyword "KPOP STAR Baek Ayeon" for more information about her.

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